Pup Still Leaves A Spot On The Bed For His Doggy Brother Who Died A Year Ago

Caitlin, of Cheshire, England, adopted George back in 2004 when he was nearly a year old. Several years later, she added another furry member to the family, named Harry.    

George and Harry formed an instant bond and grew to be inseparable. Whether it was playing, eating or sleeping, George and Harry always did it side by side.


The two of them shared a bed, but sometimes Harry laid on the side of it and allowed his older brother to sprawl out.

Sadly, George was diagnosed with kidney failure last year, and Caitlin’s family had to make the very difficult decision to put him to sleep at age 15.


But they were not the only ones who were devastated at the loss of George; Harry felt the loss as well. Things were just not the same without his doggy brother by his side.

It’s been almost a year since George passed away, yet Harry still misses him and can’t shake old habits.

Caitlin snapped photos of a heartwarming moment of Harry sleeping. Just as he used to when George was around, Harry slept on the side of the bed, except now George wasn’t there to sleep on it.

She tweeted the photos with the caption: “I’m full on crying rn…he always let george sleep there and he died almost a year ago and he still lies there.”

The tweet went viral with more than 7,000 retweets and 60,000 likes, and it’s easy to see why. These before and after photos really tug at our heartstrings!

This just goes to show that Harry’s love for George will never fade.