Dog walks 125 miles with ‘tears in her eyes’ to find owner who abandoned her

With the exception of my real children, I love my dogs as much as anything else in the entire world.          

They’re my fur-babies, those I have adopted and taken on the responsibility to raise and care for. We share a bond that’s as sacred to me as it is to them, and as a result there is no scenario or circumstance that could force me to mistreat them.


Sadly, the same cannot be said of everyone. There exist people who don’t grant a dog’slife the same status as that of a human’s, there are people who are happy to buy or take in a dog one day, only to dump or abandon it the next.

A loyal dog in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, is now making headlines for having walked 125 miles ‘with tears in her eyes’ in a bid to reunite herself with the owners who didn’t want her

Maru is a one-year-old Bullmastiff who was sold to a couple in Krasnoyarsk about six months ago. It wasn’t long before the dog was returned to is previous kennel, however, with the woman claiming that she was allergic.

It transpired that Maru had other plans. Whilst being transported back to Novosibirsk, she managed to escape from the Trans-Siberian railway by using her paws to open a compartment door as it stopped at a small station.


According to The Siberian Times, kennel owner Alla Morozova had already agreed with the couple that Maru would be placed on the train and returned to her.

Alla explained: “I never give up my puppies and when a dog is bought, it is stipulated that the owners should inform me if they do not need a dog anymore.”