Beagle Freed From Lab Testing Won’t Leave Crate Til He Hears A Baby Crying

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Animal testing is a global issue. Dogs are still used to test products and their living conditions are far from fair. This story is about Echo, a Beagle who spent six years locked in a cage. When the Beagle Freedom Project rescued this group of Beagles in China, they were all thrilled to step out of their cages and run free. But Echo was different. Her trauma held her back.

Echo needed a medical checkup immediately. The company had used a chemical in her eyes to test it. This chemical caused Echo to go blind. The poor girl needed to start her new life with a special foster who could help her navigate the world outside a cage. That is when foster mom Hannah stepped up to take her.

Hannah brought Echo home and this was the first time Echo had ever been inside a house. Gigi, Hannah’s little dog, who is normally quite feisty, knew immediately that there was something different about Echo. She sniffed her and then Gigi’s natural demeanor changed. Gigi knew she needed a friend with lots of patience.

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